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Leadership Transformation

The Klein Group Instrument® Facilitator’s Guide
 Robert R. Klein
Leadership Transformation
Single Item
Product: 60219


In this comprehensive work, Robert R. Klein provides a guide for empowering individuals and teams by helping them increase their interpersonal skills, and ultimately boosting their competence. Counselors, coaches, consultants, and teachers will learn to employ the Klein Group Instrument® (the KGI®) assessment for training their diverse clientele in leadership and group participation skills. All the fundamental elements of the instrument are explained, including available resources and step-by-step procedures for individual and team development. The book offers precise details about how to guide specific clients using memorable examples, case studies, and talking points that give professionals a methodology to direct robust social growth for their clients.

Additionally, the book outlines methods for using the Klein Group Instrument tool in conjunction with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment for individual and team coaching. The MBTI framework is the most widely used psychological instrument in the world, and it has valuable applications for leadership and group training. When the two instruments are used in combination, they create a substantial learning dynamic. In a world that needs quality leaders and greater teamwork, Leadership Transformation is designed to make a positive contribution to their development.

295 pages Spiral bound
2019 CAPT
ISBN 13 978-0-935652-00-0