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Klein Group Instrument® (KGI®) Individual Administration

for Effective Leadership and Participation in Teams
 Robert R. Klein

Klein Group Instrument® (KGI®) Individual Administration

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Career effectiveness demands a wide array of skills, including task and interpersonal skills that are essential in reaching goals while working as a part of a team. Balancing the focus between people and productivity is often easier said than done. Few people have been formally taught the skills needed for working in teams, yet supervisors expect good performance despite a lack of training.

The Klein Group Instrument® for Effective Leadership and Participation in Teams is an exceptional tool for improving essential career skills for yourself or for your clients, if you are a consultant or coach.

The KGI® assessment can be completed online in 20 minutes or less. The instrument is automatically scored and generates a downloadable KGI® Individual Profile and KGI® User's Guide, which will be available in your CAPT account. Consultants may order and manage multiple KGI administrations for individual clients, who will be sent their report via email.

If you do not already have a CAPT account you will create one when you make your purchase.

The KGI® Individual Profile includes quantitative and qualitative results, with graphs showing scores on 4 major scales. Sections of the report include descriptions of behaviors that are preferable or challenging, followed by specific, actionable suggestions for developing and expanding skills. Results are confidential and available only to the person taking the assessment, who has the sole discretion to share or not share their results.

In just a few minutes, you (or, for consultants, your clients) can objectively assess the skills you bring to the teams you interact with and gain invaluable insights into how to be a better team member. The KGI® assessment measures skills and behaviors required for effective teamwork (based on years of academic research). Take your career to the next level with the KGI assessment.

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