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Great teams aren't just thrown together

The Klein Group Instrument® is based on more than three decades of practice, research, and analysis. The research process utilized quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate individuals and teams grounded in real world success.


What is the Klein Group Instrument® (KGI®)?

The Klein Group Instrument® for Effective Leadership and Participation in Teams measures a range of behaviors that are essential for effective leadership and teamwork. Results provide a system that transforms leadership, empowers team members, and delivers results. With the KGI teams will become a whole much greater than the sum of its parts.

The KGI works with both individuals and groups where each member participates. Individuals develop essential leadership and team-participation skills that will help people act as a catalyst in team settings. For team development, all members participate and receive a KGI Individual Profile, containing confidential and personalized feedback, as well as the KGI Group Profile, an aggregate group report that details a comprehensive set of key success factors. LEARN MORE >>

Key advantages of the KGI®:

Great teams aren't just thrown together
    Takes less than 1/2 hour to complete, convenient online access.
    A wealth of information at a make-you-smile cost.
    In-depth reports with comparative charts and explanations.
    Each report comes with concrete actionable recommendations.