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Use with the MBTI®
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Use with the MBTI®

A group of diverse personalities brought together to achieve a joint goal: this is the challenge of teamwork. When the Klein Group Instrument® and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessments are combined in a team-building intervention, group members learn to harness their assorted talents and interests to forge a high-performing unit.

The KGI measurement tackles the challenge through the evaluation of four group operations (leadership, negotiation, task execution, and interpersonal relations) which are integral to successful teamwork.

The MBTI instrument targets core personality attitudes and functions, identifying levels of social orientation and ways people take in information and make decisions. With KGI and MBTI scores in hand, a team can astutely delegate its task assignments, draw more consciously on members' natural gifts, create meaningful opportunities for leadership and social development, and establish key mentoring relationships within its ranks. These actions promote synergy on the team, the high-octane energy that leads to optimal performance.

For example, consider the KGI's Group Facilitation, a subscale of Leadership. Quality facilitation involves attention to the task and attention to the people. On the MBTI instrument, members with a Thinking preference naturally zero in on the task, while those with a Feeling preference more readily focus on the people. Examining the distribution of these preferences in the group, a team can devise a strategy that will strike the right balance between the two to create top performance. People from each preference may share leadership roles, at appropriate times, to maximize group productivity. The discussion of these issues by the members helps to enlighten everyone about the subtleties of quality facilitation, which supports broad individual development. Utilizing the two assessments in tandem ignites stimulating analysis, sharp insights into group dynamics, and strategies that will empower both the individual members and the team as a whole.

The team that learns together and grows skills together is on the road to excellent performance. The KGI and MBTI measurements offer a method that can make that happen, creating new energies in your team and in your organization.

The KGI® Manual (included with every group assessment and also available for separate purchase) presents in-depth discussion on how to use both assessments. Leadership Transformation: The Klein Group Instrument® Facilitator's Guide likewise offers pertinent information.

To arrange administration of both the KGI and MBTI instruments for your group or clients, contact us.