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The KGI® for Teams

Success in today's world starts with an organization's greatest asset—its people—and how well they work together to accomplish their mission. If they learn to collaborate at a superior level, tapping their full team potential, exceptional things can occur.

The truth is great teams don't just happen. Too often, teams get derailed and fall short of their goals, and it can be difficult to get back on track without some help. The KGI® assessment provides a smart, practical methodology for helping teams succeed.

Personal engagement, performance, morale, and retention all improve when teams learn to take these steps:

  • Foster flexible leadership
  • Create a culture of inclusion and social awareness
  • Improve both strategic planning and execution of strategy
  • Delegate work assignments more thoughtfully
  • Build trust and fairness by balancing opportunity and accountability
  • Recognize and resolve sources of conflict
  • Identify training needs

The KGI® Group Administration is designed for groups with 3 to 10 people. Once the assessment has been completed, each participant receives a confidential KGI® Individual Profile and a comprehensive KGI® Group Profile, which includes:

  • An introduction that explains the KGI® model
  • Colorful graphs (with range of individual scores) for scales/subscales
  • A team assessment summary for each subscale area
  • Detailed, actionable suggestions for improving performance
  • A guide for creating and implementing a team action plan

Put the KGI assessment to work for your group immediately. Online administration and delivery of electronic reports make the KGI assessment a fast, powerful method for discovering, developing, and leveraging leadership and team skills.

Note: The KGI® Group Profile is intended for use with teams having 3 to 10 members. Research on small group performance has shown that groups with five members tend to have the highest productivity. For groups of 11 to 15 members, it is possible to successfully adapt the group process suggestions from a KGI® Group Profile, with the understanding that adjustments may need to be made.

The KGI® Group Profile User's Guide for navigating and interpreting the report is available for all team members as a downloadable file. Group facilitators have access to the downloadable KGI® Manual, which should be made available to all members of a team. Also purchasable from us-- Leadership Transformation: The Klein Group Instrument® Facilitator's Guide.