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Taking the KGI® Assessment as an Individual

When you take the instrument for your own personal development, there are two approaches that can be used to answer the questions:

General Approach
You have no single group you are focusing on, but would like to improve your performance in a variety of group situations. You should answer based on the general way you tend to behave in small group settings.

Specific Approach
You have the goal of strengthening your performance in a particular group of which you are a member. You have had experiences in this group to draw on when answering the questions. You should answer based on the way you tend to behave in that specific group.

It is possible to take the KGI® assessment more than once in order to compare the results. This can provide interesting perspectives on your group performance. For instance, you can take the instrument from both a general and a specific approach, which will highlight how you adjust your behavior for a particular group. Or a comparison can be made between two specific results, illuminating the different participation styles you may adopt in different teams.

Taking the KGI Assessment in Teams

Teams by their very nature are changeable. New members are added, others leave. A team that was created for a specific project may evolve into a permanent group, or the team may be dissolved.

Because of the changing nature of teams, it is important for the person who takes responsibility for facilitating the KGI administration to inform members about the approach they should take when answering the KGI questions. (The facilitator can be a team leader, a group member, the project coordinator, or a consultant.)

If a unified approach is not taken by all participating group members, then results from the assessment will have less meaning. Select one of the options described below before members are set to take the KGI assessment. For more information on the steps you will take in setting up your group, click here.

Similar to an individual administration, there are two approaches for answering KGI questions in groups or teams:

General Approach
Each individual group member takes a general approach to answering the questions (based on the way he/she generally tends to behave in small group settings).

This approach is recommended for new teams that have no shared work experience.

The KGI results will accelerate everyone's ability to get to know one another and to mesh their skills productively.

Specific Approach
Each individual member taking the KGI assessment is part of an established team. Each member answers the questions based on the way they tend to behave in that specific group.

This option is appropriate for teams with a shared work experience.

Adding a New Group Member
If an established team that is already using KGI materials adds a new member, there are two ways the team may choose to proceed. The new member can take the assessment now or wait until he/she has worked with the team for a while. Note that you cannot add a member to a previously generated KGI® Group Profile.

Take the KGI assessment now: A KGI® Individual Administration is given to the new group member who takes the assessment using a general approach and only receives a KGI® Individual Profile. The group shares with the new member its KGI® Group Profile, and they evaluate how the new member's skills may fit in.

Wait a while to take the KGI assessment: The new member participates in the group for three or four weeks and is then given a KGI® Individual Administration using a specific approach for that group and compares the personal results with the team's KGI® Group Profile. Scores from the new member's individual profile will not be included in the results for the KGI® Group Profile that was previously generated. This newly formed team may decide to retake the assessment in the future in order to generate a new group profile.

If you are leading a KGI administrative effort and have questions about how to instruct your team for taking the KGI assessment, please call a Customer Service Representative at 844.695.5467.